365 days into our all-faraway existence, executives at white-collar groups are realizing two issues.

One is that they’re pleased (greatly surprised, even) via how productive employees have been.

They’d involved that “work at home” would turn into “Netflix and relax.” instead, their people are killing it: Deliverables are being delivered, milestones milestoned.

but agencies have run into a significant problem.

They have lost serendipity.

Sure, colleagues are connecting on video chat. Nonetheless, it’s all very planned and formal;

there aren’t any how’s-it-going encounters at the coffee station.

Here’s a disgrace, as a result of these probability run-ins aid cement a way of togetherness, and they can engender new concepts too—like when the VP of HR eats lunch after a salesperson and casually mentions a new market that finishes up being worth thousands and thousands.

So now people are wondering: may utility replicate some of that workplace magic?